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New Feed Concepts

Dr. Brian Hardy has had over 15 years in product development.  During this time he has gained much knowledge working with both Universities and farms. This experience has given him the ability to understand the science, develop new concepts and find practical applications to help solve on-farm problems or to make improvements to many aspects of animal performance. He is known for his innovative “out of the box” thought processes.

Benefits have been obtained by feed ingredient companies in development and marketing of new products and also the farmer/integrator looking for ways to reduce cost and improve profitability.

Some key areas where this has been applied include:

  1. Antibiotic replacement
  2. Gastric enzyme secretion
  3. Microbial balance
  4. Meat Quality
  5. Reproduction enhancement
  6. Nutrient utilization and excretion

Papers presented on these topics include:

Antibiotic Replacement

a)  “The issue of antibiotic use in the livestock industry: What have we learned?”  In Animal Biotechnology (2002), Vol 13, No.1, p129-147

b)  “A world without growth promoters”  In Concepts in Pig Science (1999), p53-70. Ed TP Lyons and DJA Cole. Pub. Nottingham Nutrition International

c)  “Chemotherapeutic alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters”  In 10th Annual Swine Diseases Conference for Swine Practitioners (2002), p37-44. Ed B. Gerleman. Pub. Iowa State University.

Meat Quality

a) “Effects of nutrition on pork quality”  In 62nd Minnesota Nutrition Conference (2001)    p193-207. Pub. University of Minnesota Extension Service.

Reproduction Enhancement

a)  “Sow minerals – A window of opportunity”. In Pig International,(2003) February,Vol 33, p.7-10. 

b)  “Effects of WEANMOR feed additive on sow and litter performance”  J. Anim. Sci (2002) Vol 80, Supp 1.

c)  “Factors affecting lactation feed intake of the sow”.  Animal Talk  (April 2003).  Vol. 10 No. 4  Pub. Nottingham Nutrition International   

Farm Management

a)    “Business decision making – Low cost or maximum profit”.  Animal Talk. (December 2002). Vol. 9 No.12 Pub. Nottingham Nutrition International

b)  “Biosecurity on pig farms.”  Animal Talk. (August, 2002)  Vol. 9 No. 8   Pub. Nottingham Nutrition International

Intestinal Health

a)  “Good nutrition for health and hygiene.”  International Pig Topics.  (2000) Vol 15. No 8     p23-25.



   Academic Background:

University of Nottingham, England  

B.S. Agriculture

M.S. Animal Science

  Ph.D. Swine Nutrition   

P.A.S. (Professional Animal Scientist, ARPAS)

Immigrated to the USA from England in 1994


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