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About Nutrivision Inc. 

"My goal is to provide independent nutritional advice on all aspects of sustainable animal production with emphasis on feed efficiency, digestive tract health, meat quality, environmental issues and animal welfare."  ~Dr. Brian Hardy

NutriVision's founder, Dr. Hardy, has accumulated over 30 years of knowledge and experience while spanning the globe in 20 countries.  He has served as the Manager of the University of Nottingham Swine Research Facility as well as the Dalgety Agriculture Swine & Poultry Research Farm.  Dr. Hardy has also been involved with farms, feed mills and pork processing plant for Premium Standard Farms.  His commercial experience includes:  BP Nutrition (UK); Dalgety Agriculture (UK); Pig Improvement Company (Worldwide); Premium Standard Farms (USA); Omega Nutrition (USA); and NutriVision (Worldwide). 
NutriVision focuses on agriculture. Agriculture has the opportunity to transform our economy. We provide feed and compost for the production of natural supplements in the UK such as hemp oil products derived from the hemp plant, which is legal in the UK as a food supplement.

Reasons for you to outsource  nutritional needs: 

* Saves salary of full time nutritionist

* Saves on benefits package, car expense, office   space and equipment

* Saves on cost of dues and subscriptions

* Gives support to existing technical resource

* Provides benefit of universal networking

* Provides required information quickly

* Pay only for the time to satisfy project request

* Gives an independent and objective opinion



   Academic Background:

University of Nottingham, England  

B.S. Agriculture

M.S. Animal Science

  Ph.D. Swine Nutrition   

P.A.S. (Professional Animal Scientist, ARPAS)

Immigrated to the USA from England in 1994


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